RCPCH statement on sponsorship of MENA conference

A statement on the sponsorship of the first international RCPCH conference in the MENA region.

We’re pleased to bring our first international RCPCH conference to the Middle East and North Africa later this month. The conference presents a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the latest child health issues, topics and evidence, and is only possible with the support of our sponsors. Three of the sixteen sponsors of this event are formula milk companies. In order to sponsor this event, like with any other RCPCH conference, these companies must meet our robust due diligence criteria. This policy clearly states that:

  • RCPCH will not accept advertising or conference stands promoting standard breast milk substitutes. However, we will accept advertising and conference stands providing information about specialist formulas.
  • In relation to educational and research projects, there will be no involvement by the funder in the selection of topics, choice of speakers, programme content, or spend of funds.

Read our due diligence policy

Update 22 January 2019: To clarify, Abbott Nutrition have not completed their due diligence process, and they will not be present at the Conference. The presence of the Abbott logo on the Conference’s website was an error, which has now been corrected. There are three formula milk divisions (two companies) out of a total of 16 industry supporters, all of which have undergone due diligence enquiries.

Update 23 January 2019: See our full statement.