RCPCH welcomes free school meals for primary school children in London

The Mayor of London's has announced that he will provide free school meals to all London's primary school children for the next academic year.

This news comes after consistent campaigning from RCPCH and other leading organisations who have urged UK Government to act on child hunger. 

In response to the announcement, RCPCH President Dr Camilla Kingdon said:

Today’s announcement is an incredible step forward in tackling child health inequalities in London, and one we have regularly called for. Last month, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation showed that in the UK 1.3 million primary school children and 1 million children who are under 4 were growing up in poverty even with additional support. This compassionate and forward-thinking scheme will ensure that at the very least no child in London will go hungry during the school day. 

Ahead of the Spring Budget, we are once again urging the UK Government to protect the health of the nation’s children by expanding the Free School Meals scheme to all children in primary schools and guarantee them a hot, nutritious meal at school, for their health, the economy, and the NHS. Paediatricians have long known that the key to sustainable and strong economic growth lies in the health and wellbeing of our future generations. The Government must urgently follow suit.