Report from a friendly wellbeing event

As part of their wellbeing drive, Croydon University Hospital recently ran a competition among their paediatric trainees and consultants to answer, “What does wellbeing mean to you?” We present the winners.

Entrants could submit either a story, poem, sketch, photo, video or collage. The competition was well-received, with an impressive array of talents being revealed in their teams!

It was a tough decision choosing the best three with so much creativity from everyone involved. The three winners each received a book about wellbeing. 

Winner - Dr Niamh Scally, ST5

Dr Scally won with her collage offering some key tips (and who doesn't love a cat picture?).

Dr Niamh Scally

Make time for friends and family | Prioritise space to make a mess and create soething you are proud of | Let your cat teach you how to slow down and relax | And make sure you don't run out of the basics

Runner up - Dr Beatrice Zanetti, ST5

Dr Zanetti's colourful illustration reminds us to focus on our creativity, acceptance, compassion... and to "dance like nobody's watching".

Dr Beatrice Zanetti
Dr Beatrice Zanetti

Illustration of a woman with captions: Creativity | Acceptance | Mindfulness | Dancing like nobody's watching | Love and compassion | Smile | Breathe and out

Highly commended - Dr Zubbar Choudri, ST7

And, Dr Choudri picked up his pen to consider what wellbeing means to him, and where you can share "a joke and a smile".

Dr Zubbar Choudri
Dr Zubbar Choudri

Not worrying about how to meet which ends.
When the Lord finally buys you that Mercedes-Benz
Where life is rosy like through a rose-tinted lens.

Wellbeing for me, hmmm, seriously?
It’s singing after a string of night shifts so freely
It’s pushing my kids on the swings and hearing them laugh deliriously
It’s the time I spend with my friends and family.

Wellbeing right now is sharing a joke and a smile.
On WhatsApp with friends, I haven’t seen in a while.
Having lunch with my colleagues after a ward round that was vile.
Well at least ‘til the ward needs us when our bleeps they must dial.