Scottish Government unveil plans to tackle child obesity

RCPCH's Dr Donald Macgregor says the announcement comes at a 'critical time' but they must 'go further' if we are to get a grip on the obesity crisis.

Scottish Government have today committed to halve child obesity rates by 2030, reiterated commitments to limit price promotions and pledged to launching a full obesity strategy.

The commitments come as Scottish Government prepares to publish its Healthy Weight and Diet Plan in the summer.

In response, Dr Donald Macgregor of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, said:

29% of children in Scotland are either overweight or obese and unless tackled, are at high risk of developing a catalogue of serious health complaints as they transition into adults, so this announcement comes at a critical time.

We know that advertising is a direct driver for obesity so tackling price promotions will be key if we are to get a grip on the obesity crisis. However we’d like the Scottish Government to go one step further by recognising that unhealthy fast food sold at pocket money prices is equally as unhelpful. We’d like them to protect child health by preventing new fast food outlets such as chicken shops and chip shops opening within close proximity to schools and colleges.

We look forward to working with the Scottish Government to ensure the upcoming obesity strategy is as ambitious as we hope and is delivered as quickly as possible.

You can download our consultation response below, and see all policy consultation responses this year.