Six weeks to go until Progress+ - ready for transition?

With only six weeks to go to the launch of Progress+, Cathryn highlights some key points around the changes and encourages those trainees who have not yet had discussions about their training path, to pick this up with their supervisor or TPD. She also wants your help to celebrate the launch on 1 August – see the postscript for details!
Time for Progress Plus - 1 August

Are you ready for transition at the start of the training year in August/September?

Have you read the Progress+ and me - information for trainees by ST level, which explains how your training pathway will continue?

Unless you are due to CCT (Certificate of Completion of Training) on or before 15 September 2024, you will transition to the two level training Progress+ pathway. For most trainees, the transition will be straightforward: trainees from ST1-3 will continue in the Core Training level, those in the last 3 years of training will be in Specialty Training level.

But, don’t forget... any trainee who is part way through Level 2 training time, has a choice to remain on an eight-year pathway or move to a seven-year pathway.

If you move to a seven-year pathway you will progress to Specialty Training after you have completed ST4.

If you remain on an eight-year pathway you will stay in Core Training: after you have completed ST4 you can take up to an additional WTE (whole time equivalent) year in Core before progressing to Specialty Training. If you are currently in or partway through ST5 you can take that additional time in Core Training before moving to Specialty Training.

All progression is capability based, for trainees opting for an eight-year programme, this means that they may move to Specialty level once all core capabilities have been met and progression is agreed by trainee and trainer and ratified at ARCP (Annual Review of Competence Progression).

While many trainees have already had appropriate discussions and know which training path they are following, there are some who may not have considered it yet, including those who are currently out of programme, on statutory leave, LTFT (less than full time) and maybe out of synch/ early in level 2.

If you are one of the group of trainees who have started but not finished level 2 training, the choices outlined above apply to you and you should discuss what Progress+ will mean for you with your supervisor or TPD (Training Programme Director) when the time comes to make choices.

We understand that everyone has different circumstances, if there are additional questions please contact

Can you join us in celebrating the launch on 1 August? As you may be aware, we’ve been using the colour pink to highlight all things Progress curriculum and Progress+ for many years. We’d love you to help us mark the occasion with your own local celebrations and to share your pictures at #RCPCHProgressPlus. Perhaps some pink baking for a tea break or a team photo with pink accessories and banners – we’d like to turn our social feed pink for the day!