College Strategy 2021-24 - two years of progress and impact

Two years into our College Strategy, we reflect on the impact we have had on our members, our staff and children and young people.
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​In the last two years we have seen impact in many areas across the College. This can be seen in our policy work, global activities and education and training. Our President and CEO share a few thoughts on the last two years and consider how we can continue to improve health outcomes for children and young people.

I am really proud of the wealth of achievements that so many have contributed to, despite all the challenges we are currently facing. This is testament to the hard work and deep commitment to advocacy for our workforce and child health more broadly that I see so much of amongst our College membership.

Dr Camilla Kingdon, RCPCH President

Camilla Kingdon

Education and training activities

 Camilla adds:

It was at the start of my Presidency that the Progress+ curriculum was approved by the GMC so, it’s been fantastic to see this officially launch this year. This has been the realisation of years of work from our dedicated Education & Training team and once again refocuses the curriculum on the needs of our workforce.

You can access all our Progress+ resources, including the curriculum and syllabi, FAQs and guides, on our Progress+ landing page.

Engaging members, improving child health outcomes

We have welcomed over a thousand new members to the College across the year and I hope they feel we are already making a difference to their lives. It is invaluable having the collaborative approach to the many activities that our members are engaged in. The collaboration with our network of children and young people is unique in informing much of our work.

Rob Okunnu, RCPCH CEO

Robert Okunnu

Camilla comments on our work in global child health:

Our global work continues to have a sustained long term impact. It was a particular privilege to be with the RCPCH Global team at the International Maternal and Newborn Health Conference in Cape Town earlier this year. They presented a powerful illustration of the impact made with the Rwandan Paediatric Association on improving perinatal outcomes across a large number of hospitals in Rwanda.

We look towards the future

Rob notes our preparation for the next College strategy...

Once again, we end the year looking at the big picture concerns that remain in the forefront of our minds – workforce, pressure on services, tackling health inequalities to name a few. These and others will no doubt feed into our next strategy development window, which runs parallel to the final year of our current strategy. I hope to see a future strategy that keeps the College relevant to our members, furthers our vision and mission, and enables the College, our members and children and young people to thrive in these uncertain times.

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