Wellbeing podcast part 2 - how members are working with the College

How can we build resilience and promote self-care at work? And what can we do at a Trust and wider level? At this summer's conference, we spoke with Seb (pictured) who's on the Milestones editorial team about his passion for joy in work, and with with Dr Dal Hothi, our Officer for Lifelong Careers on cultivating connection and standing up for paediatricians.
Seb Gray at his work computer, wearing headphones, a smiley face embroidered on his scrubs

This is the second of two episodes looking at your wellbeing as health professionals, and in this hear from two members working with the College on wellbeing. 

First up is Dr Seb Gray, a consultant paediatrician in Salisbury, who wears many hats when it comes to promoting joy at work. Seb is on the editorial team of your membership magazine, Milestones where he introduced a regular feature on wellbeing. He also led a subgroup of our Paediatrics 2040 programme, which produced a report full of practical ideas on supporting wellbeing.

Next, Dr Dal Hothi, our Officer for Lifelong Careers, shares her four-part framework on wellbeing, which includes how we can build resilience and promote work-life balance and self-care. She’s looking at how we can build a Wellbeing and Innovation, or WIN, community – cultivating a sense of connection and standing up for paediatricians. 

Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts.

Update, 20 October - We introduce Introducing Thrive Paediatrics, a framework for wellbeing, agency and sustainable staffing.