Wellbeing podcast part 1 - how members are engaging the whole team

We speak with members making joy at work! Recorded at summer's RCPCH Conference, Ash tells us how sharing baked treats are one way to build a culture of wellbeing, and Susie and Benita (pictured) explain how to find out what really matters to your team.
Susie and Benita holding chocolates and presenting report of wellbeing ideas, wearing face coverings, in front of colourful mural

Your wellbeing - as busy health professionals - matters. At our annual conference in Liverpool this past June, we spoke with several members making a huge impact in their own hospitals and Trusts.

This is the first of two episodes on wellbeing, and here we explore how to engage the whole team, and really understand the needs of the people you work with.

First we hear from Dr Ash Patel, from Birmingham Children’s Hospital, on how sharing baked treats can be one way to build a culture of wellbeing. That's led to his popular baking columns in our membership magazine, Milestones, and his 'Great Paediatric Bake Off' series.

Next, we speak with Dr Susie Minson and Dr Benita Morrissey, both from the Royal London Hospital. They had just led a popular workshop all about joy at work. They explain how they've worked to create enduring resilience and happiness at their workplace, bringing along the whole multidisciplinary team.

In our second episode on wellbeing, you can hear from two more members on what they, and other members, are doing with the College to help improve members’ wellbeing.