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In her regular blogs, Dr Camilla Kingdon reflects on the College's ambitions to improve children and young people's health in the UK and around the world, and to support our members.

President's blogs


Working together for change - President's blog

Camilla starts the new year with heartfelt empathy for what continues to be an extremely challenging time for all our members. She touches on working together and advocacy as important ways to help make improvements, as well as celebrating colleagues' achievements.
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We are governed by our Board of Trustees and Council, and our Senior Management Team leads about 170 friendly, committed staff members.

Articles by other members


Retirement is a time to readjust

Change is always unsettling and can be challenging, especially if one is unprepared. Dr Sanjay Suri recognises that retirement is a change that is often romanticised but not usually spoken of as a time for readjustment. And that there's someting more important than happiness.

Easing into my retirement

Rather than a sudden separation, Dr John Warner has eased into retirement with a number of activities that have helped him build an alternative and rewarding life.

Wellbeing in paediatrics - by choice and not by chance

Paediatricians Dr Jatinder Khipal, Dr Darshika Gonapoladeniyage and Dr Jyothi Srinivas tell us about their wellbeing week at Milton Keynes, University Hospital which allowed staff to pause, reflect and get involved in activities to focus on their health.

Will you take on International Buy Nothing Day?

As the festive period begins and on International Buy Nothing Day, Dr Lucy Reynolds, a Community Consultant Paediatrician based in Glasgow, reflects on the environmental and developmental cost of modern materialism. As a member of the Climate Change Advocating for Change Working Group, she also disc...

Cymru: Paediatric research in Wales

Officer for Wales Dr David Tuthill, reflects on our recent College Strategy 2021-24 podcast episode, which is about research and why it matters to child health.

College Strategy 2021-24: one year on - an interview with our President

Last year we launched our College Strategy 2021-24 which sets out our priorities to improve health outcomes for children and young people and support current and prospective members. We now pause for a measured look at our strategy and the work we have done against each strategic aim.