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In his regular blog, Professor Russell Viner updates on key events and his activities to improve children and young people's health and to support our members.

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Message from the President - 25 September

As we enter a new phase of the pandemic, Russell reflects on what we have achieved together so far. Looking at newly released guidance, reports and webinars he also explores the RCPCH conference online and the sizeable collection of resources being made available through this - free to all our membe...

Message from the President - 11 September

Russell thanks members, volunteers and staff for all the achievements over the past six months, reflecting on the many phenomenal impacts these have made. He announces the launch of the new #ChoosePaediatrics campaign and what's to come from the clinical and staff advisory group, and also explores e...

Message from the President - 28 August

Russell explores workforce retention and announces future plans at RCPCH, including our first Officer for Retention, an upcoming live Q&A on retaining the workforce and announces applications for the roles of President and Registrar.
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Our ambitious programme of work, Paediatrics 2040, will help deliver our vision of a healthier future for children and young people.

In our new report - the first of a series of publications from the Paediatrics 2040 team - we summarise our learning from this period of rapid change, focusing on the elements of new practice that we want to keep and take forwards into the future.

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