The British Paediatric Surveillance Unit is a world leading centre for rare paediatric disease surveillance. It enables doctors and researchers to investigate how many children in the UK and Republic of Ireland are affected by particular rare diseases, conditions or treatments each year. 

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BPSU 'snap-shot' survey - delayed presentations to hospitals

The COVID-19 pandemic led to concerns that children are, for various reasons, presenting late to emergency departments. This has led to delayed diagnosis and hence a delay in treatment. Such presentation delays are well known, but they appear to have increased during this pandemic. Unfortunately, th...

Surveillance of outcome of resuscitated term babies with no heart rate detected at 10 minutes of age starts next month

This study, run through the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit (BPSU), will identify the incidence of term babies who receive resuscitation following birth and have no heart rate detected at 10 minutes of age, describing the demographic characteristics, clinical features and initial management of ...