DHSC draft data strategy for England - consultation response

In July 2021 we responded to the Department of Health and Social Care’s draft data strategy . While we welcome the draft strategy as far as it goes, we are concerned that it is incomplete.


The draft strategy outlines a series of commitments against a range of statements that describe the government’s vision for the role that data will play in supporting improvement, collaboration and transformation across the NHS, adult social care and public health. 

Our response

We identify four areas for improvement. We want to see the strategy:

  • actively and meaningfully consider and reflect children and young people’s rights and needs
  • include a commitment to improve data capture, particularly for children and young people’s health 
  • build trust in its approach to using and sharing data 
  • support the workforce and integrated care systems to deliver benefits and improvements. 

Our full response is available to download below. 

We respond to a wide range of consultations to ensure that the College’s position, and ultimately children’s health, is represented Members can get involved in current consultations by contacting the Health Policy team: health.policy@rcpch.ac.uk