Ten whole time equivalent posts on all training rotas - RCPCH trainees survey

This page provides a best practice example for standard 8 of Facing the Future: Standards for acute general paediatric services, which outlines a model for supporting paediatric trainees, based on results from the 2017 RCPCH trainee survey.

Standard 8: All general paediatric training rotas are made up of at least ten whole time equivalent posts, all of which are compliant with the UK Working Time Regulations and European Working Time Directive. 


  • Clinical Leads should ensure that they provide a safe working environment for paediatric trainees - this includes taking enough rest between shifts and protecting annual leave entitlements.
  • Clinical Leads should promote paediatrics as a specialty to encourage recruitment.
  • There should be strong links with Deaneries or Local Education and Training Boards, especially when units are short staffed and struggling to meet patient demand. 
  • Trainees should refer to RCPCH Looking after yourself guidance, which contains information on trainee rights and responsibilities when short staffed. 
  • The RCPCH State of Child Health workforce report recommends that paediatrics should be placed on the shortage occupation list, with exemption from the resident labour market test. 

RCPCH Trainee Survey

In 2017, the RCPCH Trainee Committee surveyed 1,019 paediatric trainees. Results showed:

  • 79% of trainees were motivated to work in paediatrics.
  • 90% of trainees intended to complete their training.
  • 66% of trainees felt they were paid fairly for the work that they do.
  • 75% of trainees had acceptable access to study leave to continue their professional development. 
  • There were higher levels of job satisfaction for trainees who felt supported in their role. 

I love working in paediatrics. I feel passionate and motivated to be part of an amazing team who want the best for children. I have been supported in my training to explore and develop additional interests in simulation, integrated care, education and work abroad. This is the job for me, I wouldn't want to do anything else.

Trainee Representative - Facing the Future Audit Project Board