Visiting Fellowships in global child health - about and how to apply

Enabling leading paediatricians and paediatric nurses from low- and middle-income countries to visit UK clinical centres where they can develop their knowledge and exchange good practice. Applications were open until 12:00 (GMT), 12 November.

What does a Visiting Fellowship aim to improve?

Since 1994, with support from RCPCH members, the programme has provided placements in the UK for paediatricians from over 30 different countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Fellows are placed in leading specialist units in the NHS with the aim to improve five key areas:

  • prevention
  • diagnosis
  • treatment
  • clinical knowledge
  • emergency response.

Why is the programme important?

One of the main challenges for child health care in low- and middle-income countries is the health workforce. Generally, the areas with the highest prevalence of child mortality have the fewest training resources and opportunities available.

Visiting Fellowships aim to bridge this gap by giving overseas health care professionals the chance to observe and learn from a leading UK consultant, and experience the paediatric health care system in the UK.

The main aim is to increase the knowledge and expertise of the overseas paediatricians and paediatric nurses, and to ultimately save the lives of children and improve health care in their country of origin.

Four visiting fellowships

  • RCPCH Visiting Fellowships enable paediatric clinicians from abroad, who need financial assistance, to spend up to six weeks visiting clinical centres in the UK. More than one award is made each year.
  • The Ashok Nathwani Visiting Fellowship was established in 2001 and supports one fellowship each year in memory of Dr Ashok Nathwani, a Fellow of the College, who was killed in the Indian earthquake in January 2001.
  • The Donald Court Travel Fund was established in 1996 and is jointly administered by RCPCH and British Association for Community Child Health. It supports one fellowship each year in memory of Professor Donald Court, former President of the British Paediatric Association.
  • The David Baum Visiting Fellowship was established in 2015 and supports one fellowship each year in memory of Professor David Baum, former RCPCH President, who died in a cycling accident while raising money for the wellbeing of children in the war-torn Balkans.

Applications are now closed

For reference, you can download the application form and other resources below.