Welsh Paediatric Society (WPS)

WPS was founded in 1973 to provide a political and social network for Welsh paediatricians; promoting good practice, sharing knowledge and undertaking research while providing friendship and goodwill.

The society gives paediatricians across Wales and neighbouring areas the opportunity to work together and to help provide the best possible paediatric and child health service, supporting and improving the quality of care for young people in Wales.

WPS hosts two annual clinical meetings:

  • Spring meeting in May, hosted by paediatricians in North Wales
  • Autumn meeting in November hosted by paediatricians in South Wales

WPS membership

WPS membership is open to all trainees, registrars, nurses and consultants working in Welsh paediatrics.

Membership benefits include a newsletter, biannual Welsh Paediatric Journal, and an invitation to biannual meetings with reduced registration fees.

Apply for WPS membership