Applied Knowledge in Paediatrics: MRCPCH Mastercourse, 1st Edition (2022)

The essential guide to passing the MRCPCH Applied Knowledge in Practice (AKP) exam. Closely aligned to the RCPCH theory exam syllabus and reflective of current UK practice, this book will leave the reader with a sound knowledge of all the core topics relevant to paediatrics and child health, and provide a useful study aid.

The book covers how and why illnesses develop in children and young people, the appropriate investigations and treatment required, the urgency of implementation and the impact of the disease process on the child and their family. 

This comprehensive text is edited by Dr Martin Hewitt, a senior theory examiner for the AKP examination, and Dr Roshan Adappa, a senior clinician and postgraduate trainer, with expert input from more than 60 paediatric specialists. Thirty-seven chapters provide comprehensive information of all areas of paediatric practice.

  • Directly aligned to the Applied Knowledge in Practice syllabus and exam
  • Fifty sample questions along with answers and reasoning explaining each of the answer options
  • Chapter on how to prepare for the RCPCH AKP exam
  • Clinical scenarios in each chapter outlining difficult clinical problems and proposed management plans
  • Clinical images to aid understanding
  • Level of detail to support clinical practice of paediatricians with 12-18 months experience

Table of contents:

  1. Preparing for the AKP exam
  2. Neonatology
  3. Adolescent medicine
  4. Growth and puberty
  5. Genetics and dysmorphology
  6. Nutrition
  7. Behavioural medicine and mental health
  8. Emergency medicine
  9. Unintentional injuries and poisoning
  10. Fluids and electrolyte management
  11. Safeguarding
  12. Infectious diseases
  13. Infection control
  14. Allergy
  15. Immunology
  16. Liver disorders 
  17. Cardiology
  18. Respiratory 
  19. Hearing and ENT
  20. Gastroenterology and hepatology
  21. Nephro-urology
  22. Haematology
  23. Oncology
  24. Dermatology
  25. Diabetes mellitus
  26. Endocrinology
  27. Neurology
  28. Neurodevelopmental medicine 
  29. Ophthalmology
  30. Pharmacology
  31. Musculoskeletal disorders
  32. Metabolic medicine
  33. Palliative care
  34. Ethics and law
  35. Patient safety and clinical governance
  36. Evidence-based paediatrics
  37. Exam questions and answers