Child Health Futures - Children and young people engagement

We transform child health by actively listening to the voice of children, young people and families. We appropriately involve them in a range activities to inform and influence the child health agenda. Can you support us?
Children in learning environment

Children and young people across the UK get involved in all of our work - from shaping our paediatric curriculum and exams to inputting on service design projects and clinical guidelines.

RCPCH &Us is our platform for children, young people, parents, and carers to join us in improving child health.

Some of our work:

  • RCPCH &Us Roadshows find out what children and young people from all ages and backgrounds across the UK think about child health topics.
  • RCPCH &Us Challenges bring together children, young people and/or parents and carers for a day to work together on a specific topic, review information and come up with ideas and solutions.
  • RCPCH &Us Projects involve children, young people and families over a longer period of time to turn ideas into products and develop new solutions to challenges.
  • RCPCH &Us also delivers information, advice and guidance for trainees, paediatricians and healthcare professionals about working with children and young people and involving them in strategic decision making.

We welcome donations from both members and non-members who want to support our work in children and young people's engagement and other areas. Every bit helps, and we thank you! If you pay income or capital gains tax in the UK you increase the value of your donation to us by 25% through a Gift Aid declaration. It allows us to claim back tax paid on the donation, which we can then put toward the College’s projects.

For information on how we process your data in relation to donations, see our privacy notice.

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