RCPCH and equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) - our approach and governance

Our EDI work started with a fundamentally important step for the College; that we hold a mirror up to ourselves, look at whether we truly reflect the breadth and diversity of our membership and start to put into place the actions that will answer these questions.

Since 2020 we have explored several areas of work, focusing on opening up volunteer roles, working lives of Paediatricians, differential attainment and career progression, to name a few.

We have provided annual updates on our progress and we have also provided an annual summary of diversity data for our members, volunteers and staff.

Here we explain our approach and governance to EDI.

Why are we doing this work?

Those working in paediatrics and child health reflect hugely diverse groups and societies but they also witness first-hand the corrosive impact of racism and discrimination on children and young people. Our members expect us to show leadership and confront these issues.

It is vital that we have feedback from members and we invite you to share your thoughts and ideas with us on this, and wider work via edi@rcpch.ac.uk. We are regularly reporting back on what we have achieved and what still needs to be done.


Our ambition is that everyone at the College - RCPCH Council, Trustees, members and College staff alike - recognises and plays their role in EDI.

To assist this, we have established an approach and governance framework to manage our EDI work. This includes an EDI Oversight Group and EDI Member Reference Group.

The EDI Oversight Group aims to ensure that EDI is embedded and coordinated across the College. It comprises three nominated senior leads: Dr Bhanu Williams as Trustee representative, Dr Camilla Kingdon as President and Robert Okunnu as Chief Executive Officer, representing staff.

Member Reference Group (MRG)

The MRG aims to provide an avenue for members to input into our EDI work by commenting on current plans and progress and by helping to identify future priorities. Members act in an individual capacity, providing valuable feedback and input on the work of the College. It supports the EDI Oversight Group.

The MRG consists of just over 20 members at all career stages and with a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives. It is co-chaired by Dr Camilla Kingdon and Robert Okunnu.

One MRG member, Dr Segn Nedd, is also the EDI Representative on our Trainees Oversight Committee, and works with the three nominated senior leads.

The MRG has allowed member voices to be heard, but we do know there are voices we haven’t heard from yet. Any member interested in joining the group should get in touch with us on edi@rcpch.ac.uk.