Global Links programme - volunteering opportunities

The success of our work relies heavily on fostering partnerships between clinicians in high, middle and low income countries. We recruit and prepare doctors, nurses and midwives who help us in all aspects of programme delivery, usually through longer-term placements overseas in the Global Links programme. Find out more and scroll down to download our current opportunities and application form.

RCPCH Global

Global health working opportunities for...

  • Paediatric doctors - in Sierra Leone, Rwanda and Myanmar, as well as other countries (depending on funding) including Palestine, Lebanon, India, Zambia, Cambodia, Uganda and Kenya 
  • Nurses, including with paediatric and/or neonatal experience - in our major country programmes
  • Midwives and obstetricians - in our Rwanda Obstetric and Midwifery Programme

What is this programme?

At RCPCH Global we recruit suitably qualified clinicians globally, mainly to work in long-term positions in our programmes  – from six months to two years in general, depending on the interest and availability of applicants. We work on a stipendiary basis, with travel, accommodation, professional fees and living allowance covered by the College.

We recruit within our major grant-funded programmes, providing structured training, mentoring, quality improvement and impact assessment/data gathering skills in partnership with local clinicians and hospital/health centre administrators. 

We have placed more than 100 clinicians in our programmes across a range of low-resource settings. Our teams work with local staff to improve the care provided to infants, children and young people in very challenging areas of the world.

When our teams return to the NHS, many report improved capabilities, not just clinically but also in teaching, effective audit and management of quality improvement projects.

What do our placements cover?

  • Training and mentoring of local healthcare staff
  • Transferring skills in paediatric and neonatal care
  • Building the capacity of PICU (paediatric intensive care unit), NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), OPD (outpatient department) and paediatric emergency services
  • Conducting clinical audits and quality improvement projects

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What do we offer you?

  • Support in getting long term leave from your current role
  • All pre-departure costs (comprehensive medical insurance, return flights, inoculations, anti-malarials, PEP kit, etc.)
  • Accommodation while overseas.
  • A monthly living allowance
  • Comprehensive pre-departure training course (security training, Child Health in Low-resource Settings (CHiLS , leadership training, cultural awareness, ETAT+, Training to Teach)

What have returning clinicians reported?

  • Improved core clinical skills
  • Improved confidence and decision making
  • Greater understanding of tropical paediatrics and infectious diseases
  • First-hand experience of global child health issues
  • Opportunity to gain leadership and management experience
  • Joining international paediatric networks
  • Enriched awareness of cultural and ethnic diversity

Find out more

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