Submissions to parliamentary committees

We frequently submit written responses to Select Committee and other inquiries to assist with their work and scrutiny of Government. You can download these submissions below.
Last modified
27 September 2021

Select Committees are bodies that work in both Houses of Parliament. Their role is to scrutinise the work of Ministers and government departments. Most Select Committees work by undertaking inquiries on specific topics.

Stakeholders are invited to submit written and are sometimes invited to give oral evidence to Committees. The results of these inquiries are written up in a report which is published. Many require a response from the government within 60 days. 

Health Select Committee

Delivering core health and care services during the pandemic and beyond - May 2020 (PDF)

Maternity safety - August 2020 (PDF)

Children and young people's mental health - February 2021 (PDF)

White paper on health and care - April 2021 (PDF)

Clearing the backlog caused by the pandemic - September 2021 (PDF)

Education Select Committee

Impact of COVID-19 on schools and children's services - June 2020 (PDF)

Impact of COVID-19 and schools and children's services - oral evidence by Professor Russell Viner - January 2021 (PDF)

COVID-19 and the vaccination of children - oral evidence by Dr Camilla Kingdon - September 2021 (PDF)

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee

Air quality - August 2020 (PDF)

Lords Public Services Committee

Role of public services in addressing child vulnerability - March 2021 (PDF)

Role of public services in addressing child vulnerability - oral evidence by Dr Alison Steele - May 2021 (PDF)

Public Bill Committee (Health and Care Bill)

Health and Care Bill (Committee Stage) - August 2021 (PDF)