Quality improvement and patient safety

QI helps you identify and make small improvements - whether it's your unit or across your Trust - that add up to a big difference for children’s health outcomes.
How we support, educate and develop paediatricians and the wider child health workforce to deliver high quality care
Some key resources from our partners, which whom we work on key developments in QI
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Jargon-busting introduction to QI and its uses in healthcare, and how to initiate a QI project

Quality improvement in curriculum

One of the domains in RCPCH Progress, our curriculum, addresses QI and patient safety. Here, Dr Amanda Newnham discusses how a QI project has improved patient and family services, increased efficiency and better use of clinician time, involved other health professional staff and has now changed practice across the whole hospital.

Improving outcomes in diabetes

Our children and young people’s diabetes quality programme is making impact across NHS paediatric units in England and Wales.

We are now underway with our QI Collaborative - and you watch updates from our celebration event to find out more.

Paediatric Care Online (PCO UK)

PCO UK is the essential decision support tool for any health professional who sees children at the point of care.

Accessible on a website and as a mobile app, PCO UK is available anytime, anywhere.