Clinical Quality in Practice Committee

Originally established as the Quality of Practice Committee in 1996 to oversee the RCPCH Clinical Effectiveness Programme and to act as the College's 'guardian' for setting standards for paediatric practice, this committee supports the development, dissemination and promotion of clinical guidelines, national audits and quality improvement activity to support clinicians in improving the quality of clinical practice and patient care.

The Committee includes internal and external representatives, including the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and the National Guideline Alliance.


  • Lead and oversee RCPCH programmes of work within the area of clinical quality; including clinical guidelines, audits, quality improvement, and patient safety in conjunction with specialty groups affiliated with the College
  • Act as a source of advice to the RCPCH Council and Executive Committee and recommend a programme of work based on College priorities, funding availability and potential for impact in relation to areas of clinical quality, including quality improvement, national audits, clinical guidelines and the safety of patients
  • Support development of national clinical guidelines relevant to children and young people with adequate paediatric involvement, and support specialty groups in development of guidelines on topical issues and/or priority topics, according to rigorous standards
  • Raise awareness of key issues pertaining to the quality of care of children and young people on national agendas and in national health policy
  • Support specialty groups in development of high-quality audits of national standards in alignment with RCPCH child health priorities and promote the implementation of College endorsed guidelines and quality improvement methods. This may involve data collection via insight surveys, for which we will make any privacy notices available below.
  • Support members in adhering to clinical standards and underpin College activities in the best available evidence. Where appropriate, also engage with other Colleges on clinical quality issues relating to children and young people
  • Work towards incorporation of clinical guidelines, quality improvement and patient safety methodologies in curricula for paediatricians

Committee Chairs

Dr Jan Dudley and Dr Rajesh Krishnan (RCPCH Officers for Clinical Standards and Quality Improvement)

If you would like to get involved or find out more about the committee's work, please contact