RCPCH Invited Review Service

We deliver clinically-led peer review and consultancy services to healthcare providers, commissioners and service planners across the UK.

We advise and support teams to resolve concerns about paediatric provision, safety, team dynamics and communication, compliance with standards and proposals for reconfiguration or service design.

What is an Invited Review?

Reviews can take many forms including:

  • Assessment of individual practice
  • Case note review
  • Evaluation of specialist function, entire services or networks
  • Workforce reconfiguration, planning and implementation

We have expertise in all forms of paediatric care, including community, acute, neonatal and specialist paediatric provision, as well as service management and redesign.

The review process tends to start with an informal call from a potential client to talk through the challenges they are experiencing. Where a review may provide a solution, we tailor it to the issue of concern through bespoke terms of reference. The review is always an assessment of performance against published standards and guidance.

The review itself involves analysis of relevant data, a site visit and interviews with staff, stakeholders and service users.

The final report outlines findings and practical, achievable recommendations for service improvement.

The review team is tailored for each review but will always involve at least two experienced consultant (or equivalent) paediatricians and a Review Manager.  They may also involve nursing and lay reviewers, and we have run some cross-specialty reviews with involvement from RCOG (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists), RCM (Royal College of Midwives) and RCoA (Royal College of Anaesthetists).

Where can an Invited Review help?

Each client has their own issues to resolve, but these have included:

  • Undertaking independent critiques of proposed models of care
  • Carrying out ‘health checks’ on quality and effectiveness of services
  • Resolving concerns around team working
  • Improving links between acute and community teams
  • Ceveloping interfaces with other service providers
  • Assessing compliance with recognised standards and benchmarking with other services
  • Completing workforce modelling
  • Reviewing clinical risks to the service
  • Assessing safety concerns following or ahead of reconfiguration
  • Examining capacity, capability and effectiveness to find new ways of working to improve outcomes and reduce costs
  • Assessing clinical practice

How have we made a difference?

We have completed over 95 reviews since 2013. Over 80% of our clients gave positive feedback on the reviews process, and there is evidence of action planning and change as a result of our work.

Our booklet Examples of where we’ve made a difference shows the scope and impact of some of our past reviews. You can download this below.

Why choose us?

Using clinically qualified reviewers and a professional medical College to review services, rather than an individual clinician or management consultancy, significantly improves engagement of clinicians and managers to both the process and recommendations.

My interview was handled well with warmth and interest, it felt non-judgemental and so I felt I could be open and trust the process.

Previous client

I thought the team were very professional, they had a relaxed approach which helped those being interviewed relax. It was a relief that when things were discussed with them, they knew exactly what we were talking about, asked relevant questions and were aware of the impact these things may cause. The review team seemed to have a good rapport and way of working together.

Previous client

Our team brings:

  • Knowledge, understanding and experience of NHS healthcare delivery
  • Clinical expertise spanning the breadth of paediatrics
  • Fluency with regulatory requirements, standards and guidance
  • Access to the national experts backed by ‘reality checks’
  • Data held uniquely by the RCPCH
  • Understanding and expertise of service models and alternative approaches
  • Professional media, public affairs, communications and stakeholder engagement expertise (as required)
  • Wide network of support both for ourselves and our clients
  • Centrally managed liaison and communication
  • Clear timescales for report delivery
  • Quality assurance and endorsement by the RCPCH
  • All-inclusive single costing covers fees, expenses and administration

Privacy notice

Our privacy notice explains how we use data and information on our reviews - please download below.

Get in touch

The Invited Reviews Team welcomes enquiries. Contact us on the details below and we can informally discuss, in confidence, how we may be able to help.

  • Sue Eardley, Head of Invited Reviews - invited.reviews@rcpch.ac.uk | 020 7092 6091
  • Jenni Illman, Invited Reviews Operational Lead - 020 7092 6049