Paediatric sub-specialty training - application guidance

At Level 3 of training (ST6-ST8), paediatric trainees may sub-specialise in a specific area of paediatrics. Those who complete an approved programme of sub-specialist training are eligible to enter on the GMC Specialist Register as a paediatrician with a sub-specialty. This process is also known as the NTN Grid recruitment.

Applications to start in August/September 2023 are closed. Applications for an August/September 2024 start will open in October 2023. The information below is for the 2022/2023 round and will be updated in due course.
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26 May 2023


These are the key applicant dates for the 2023 sub-specialty recruitment round.

Stage of process Date
Programmes advertised on RCPCH website with links to SharePoint Wednesday 12 October 2022
Applications open on Oriel Wednesday 26 October 2022
Confirmation of eligibility forms to deanery by Monday 7 November 2022*
Applications close 12 noon Wednesday 16 November 2022
Shortlisting process Wednesday 23 November 2022 - Wednesday 7 December 2022
Invitations to interview and shortlisting outcomes via Oriel From Wednesday 14 December 2022
Shortlisting feedback emailed out Wednesday 21 December 2022
Shortlisting appeals deadline Wednesday 4 January 2023
Webinar on the interview process (invite only) 16:00 Friday 6 January 2023
Virtual sub-specialty interview period Thursday 19 January - Friday 3 February 2023
Deadline for confirmation of preference choices 09:00 Monday 6 February 2023
Matching process w/c Monday 6 February 2023
Offers will be made on Oriel From Tuesday 14 February 2023
Hold deadline Tuesday 21 February 2023
Upgrade deadline Thursday 23 February 2023
Clearing round From Friday 24 February 2023
Interview feedback uploaded to e-portfolio Friday 24 March 2023**
Interview appeals deadline Wednesday 29 March 2023

*The deadline of Monday 7 November 2022 is for confirmation of eligibility forms to be sent to the deanery. The deadline for the forms to be submitted to the RCPCH sub-specialty recruitment team is the same deadline for submitting the Oriel application by 12 noon Wednesday 16 November 2022.

**The date trainee's can expect to receive interview feedback has been pushed back from Wednesday 15 March to Friday 24 March due to the impact of industrial action.

Interview dates

Sub-specialty 2023 Dates
Paediatric Allergy Thursday 19 January
Paediatric Intensive Care Medicine Thursday 19 / Friday 20 January
Paediatric Immunology & Infectious Disease Friday 20 January
Paediatric Respiratory Medicine Monday 23 / Tuesday 24 January
Paediatric Neurodisability Monday 23 / Tuesday 24 January
Neonatal Medicine *Monday 23 / Tuesday 24 / Wednesday 25 / Thursday 26 January
Community Child Health Wednesday 25 / Thursday 26 / Friday 27 January
Paediatric Oncology Friday 27 January
Paediatric Palliative Medicine Monday 30 January
Paediatric Neurology Monday 30 / Tuesday 31 January
Paediatric Diabetes & Endocrinology Tuesday 31 January / Wednesday 1 February
Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition Tuesday 31 January / *Wednesday 1 February
Paediatric Inherited Metabolic Medicine Wednesday 1 February
Paediatric Nephrology *Tuesday 31 January / Wednesday 1 February
Paediatric Emergency Medicine Thursday 2 / Friday 3 February
Paediatric Rheumatology Friday 3 February

*Update - 15 December: Extra interview dates added for Neonatal Medicine, Paediatric Nephrology and Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition.

What sub-specialties can I apply for?

The programmes for the sub-specialties recruiting in the 2023 round are listed in the downloads section of this page. Child Mental Health and Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology are not recruiting.

Download 2023 sub-specialty programmes
at bottom of page

Download 2023 sub-specialty job descriptions
on our SharePoint site

Who can apply for sub-specialty training?

It is open to:

  • UK trainees holding an NTN (National Training Number)***, or
  • Trainees in an equivalent programme in the Republic of Ireland

***With the implementation of the Progress+ curriculum from August/September 2023, UK trainees applying in autumn 2022 to train in a sub-specialty still need to have level 2 signed off before they start in post next year. Trainees can apply from ST4 if they have completed MRCPCH examinations in full by the point of interview and level 2 by the start of their sub-specialty post. Please speak with your supervisor and your local Training Programme Director or Head of School to check if you are eligible to apply.

Anaesthetic, intensive care medicine and emergency medicine trainees can apply for Paediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) and Paediatric Intensive Care Medicine (PICM). To check the eligibility criteria, contact us at

Applications from those outside of a UK/Republic of Ireland training programme are not eligible to apply. If someone has training, qualifications and experience in paediatrics but has gained these partly or completely outside of an approved CCT training programme (for example, they have trained outside the UK or Republic of Ireland, moved abroad or taken a career break) and they are looking to join the GMC Specialist Register, they may be eligible to apply for CESR.

Trainees from outside of a UK/Republic of Ireland training programme may be eligible to apply to core paediatric training and then apply to sub-specialty training once in the UK training programme.

ST4 applicants

It is possible for ST4 trainees to apply for sub-specialty training this year on the provision that they will have completed all Progress Level 2 capabilities by August 2023.

Any ST4 that have applied will need to be on track to have completed all their Progress Level 2 capabilities by August 2023. Therefore, in January 2023 the College team will be asking deanery contacts (for sub-specialty) to re-confirm that all short-listed ST4 trainees are on track to complete their Level 2 capabilities via the online Confirmation of Eligibility (CoE) form.

The CoE form for these ST4 trainees will be resent to deanery contacts (for sub-specialty) via e-portfolio for final sign-off by Thursday 12th January. Please discuss with your deanery contact (for sub-specialty) if you have any concerns or questions.

How does Progress+ affect me applying?

Please visit the Progress+ home page in the first instance for guidance about the changes. We know there are many individual circumstances, so we recommend you talk to your supervisor, Training Programme Director and Head of School about your own situation. We've recently updated our Progress+ and me flyer, which explains how current trainees at each level will move through the training programme. There is a resource on getting neonatal and community experience with Progress+ and there's also a YouTube video discussing How will Progress+ impact my sub-specialty training application?

How long do I need to complete sub-specialty training?

Sub-specialty training is capability based. Typically a sub-specialty programme takes 24 - 36 months indicatively to complete. Applicants must ensure they have enough time left in training before their agreed CCT (Certificate of Completion of Training) date. CCT dates cannot be changed to accommodate sub-specialty training.

How many times can I apply to do sub-specialty training?

As of 17 March 2021, RCPCH agreed that trainees will not be limited in the number of attempts that they can apply to sub-specialty training, subject to having enough time left before their CCT date and can count up to one year WTE towards training.

How many sub-specialties can I apply for?

Applicants can apply for a maximum of two sub-specialities in each round. Separate application forms must be submitted for each sub-specialty.

Which posts are available?

Sub-specialty programmes in the 2023 round are available to view in the downloads section at the bottom of this page.

What do I need to do before I apply?

RCPCH (UK) trainees

All UK trainees intending to apply to sub-specialty training need to submit a confirmation of eligibility form through RCPCH ePortfolio (on the risr/advance platform, formerly Kaizen).

Trainees should complete Section 1 of the form and submit it to the relevant deanery contact from the list below. The deanery then fills out Section 2 and submits it to the RCPCH sub-specialty recruitment team who will then confirm receipt of the form which completes the process. Trainees will not need to upload the form to their Oriel application, but the form should be completed and submitted to the College by the application deadline. Any applicant that does not submit a confirmation of eligibility form will be automatically longlisted out of the process.

Trainees from the Republic of Ireland

Trainees from the Republic of Ireland will need to complete the Certificate of Level 2 Paediatrics Training for Republic of Ireland Trainees (download below), demonstrating completion or expected completion of level 2 training by the time of entry to the sub-specialty programme as outlined in RCPCH Progress curriculum.

Anaesthetic, intensive care medicine and emergency medicine trainees

Anaesthetic, intensive care medicine and emergency medicine trainees need to complete a confirmation of eligibility form for anaesthetic, ICM and EM trainees. This needs to be filled out by their local deanery and emailed back to

How do I apply?

All applications to sub-specialty training are made via the NHS Oriel recruitment system. Following the introduction of a new Oriel system in 2020, all previous applicant accounts were erased, so trainees will need to register again, even if they had a previous account from joining the programme through National Recruitment. NB. This does not apply to those that set up an account in the 2021 or 2022 round. Applicants are recommended to submit their application at least 48 hours before the closing date to allow for any technical problems. Late applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.

What criteria will applications be marked on?

Shortlisters mark applications to sub-specialty training using the RCPCH sub-specialty shortlisting scoring criteria. Applicants should refer to this when making their application.

Shortlisting scores will no longer contribute to the final score. They will determine if an applicant goes through to the interview stage and will be used in the situation of a tie-break. Applicants will be appointed based on their interview score and their preferences.

What other information do I need to submit with my application?

Applicants need to provide:

  • Confirmation of eligibility form via RCPCH ePortfolio for UK trainees and a separate version for anaesthetic/ICM/EM trainees - completed by their local deanery
  • Certificate of Level 2 Paediatrics Training for trainees applying from the Republic of Ireland
  • Fitness to practice declarations if necessary
  • Confirmation of approval of level 3 experience or equivalent from the relevant CSAC chair, if applying with less than the indicative training time left before their CCT date*

*Evidence of CSAC approval needs to be attached to the confirmation of eligibility form on RCPCH ePortfolio.

Sub-specialty recruitment events

Sub-specialty applications webinar and Q&A - 20 October 2022

Hosted by the RCPCH sub-specialty recruitment team, this webinar focussed on the application process and included shared experience from a trainee and application tips. Speakers included Dr Kay Tyerman, Paediatric Nephrologist and Officer for Workforce and Dr Monica Negoita, Trainee in Community Child Health.

Paediatric sub-specialty careers event – 5 July 2022

This online event was about the recruitment process into sub-specialty training and how to apply for SPIN modules. It was also the opportunity to meet representatives from the different sub-specialties to find out more and ask questions. The event was held over two sessions, and this recording is from the first hour of each session. The sub-specialty breakout rooms were not recorded.

The recording starts with a presentation from the RCPCH Recruitment and Careers team on the application process into sub-specialty training and SPIN modules. There were three trainees from different sub-specialties (Community Child Health, Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition and Paediatric Immunology and Infectious Diseases) who spoke about their experience of applying and training in their chosen sub-specialty, and the event concluded with a Q&A.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact the RCPCH sub-specialty recruitment team: