RCPCH Members’ Award - nominations open for 2025

This award honours members who have done exceptional work in support of child health, but who might not be eligible for Honorary Fellowship or other awards. We are always open to receive a wide range of nominations.

Nominations for our 2025 Members' Award are now open.
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Recipients must, in their professional practice, have done exceptional work in support of the College’s objectives. This work may either be sustained over a period or may be a single piece of work of national and/or international importance. It may be across any field of relevant work – for instance, clinical, research, service delivery, or teaching/training.

There is no geographical restriction on recipients of the award.

We have now announced our winners for 2024 at our Conference in March, and these are available on our website. 

You can see the winners of the award in 20242023 and 2022.


Nominations for the RCPCH Members' Award 2025 are being accepted by 12:00, 26 July 2024.  

Nominees must be College members (in any category eligible to vote at College General Meetings as per the College bye-laws.

Nominations for the Members' Award can only be proposed and seconded by RCPCH members (any category). Nominations will only be accepted by completion of our online form, linked below, which is available to logged in members. A maximum of 500 words is permitted for the supporting statement.

The awards will be made on the recommendations of Council after it has been advised by the Nominations Committee. Please submit your nomination without the knowledge of the nominee(s). We will inform only those nominees who have been successfully awarded.

The College accepts nominations for joint nominees for one topic or project.

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