RCPCH Clean Air Network - supporting child health professionals to advocate for clean air

The primary aim of this new network is to mobilise and empower paediatricians as advocates for clean air, providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to raise awareness about air pollution's impact on child health. By educating children, families, and communities, amplifying messaging on air pollution-related health risks, and influencing policymakers at both local and national levels, the network has the potential to be a powerful force for change in safeguarding the health of future generations.
Woman and child on a cargo bike on a residential street with cars

About this network

Open to all RCPCH members, the network is focused on collaboration, shared purpose, and locally and nationally driven action.

By joining the RCPCH Clean Air Network and taking on the role of a Paediatric Clean Air Advocate, you will be advocating for clean air and climate action to safeguard children’s health, recognising that current levels of air pollution constitute a significant public health emergency, both in the UK and further afield.

What do paediatric clean air advocates on this network do?

Advocates are invited to attend training sessions to understand the impact of air pollution, disseminate knowledge and resources within their local networks, and educate patients and caregivers about air pollution.

Child health professionals can play a crucial role in influencing policymakers to prioritise actions that ensure clean air for children. Advocates raise awareness about air pollution and advocate for policies to improve air quality at local and national levels.

Key activities for advocates include:

  • Undertake training sessions and attend webinars
  • Share and amplify resources and educational materials with colleagues and patients
  • Participate in knowledge-sharing at local, Trust, regional and national levels
  • Influence local council and NHS Trust policies
  • Input into local and national consultations related to air pollution
  • Engage with media via interviews or written pieces

Register your interest

If you're a member and interested to join the Clean Air Network and become an advocate, complete our short form. Our privacy notice for the Network can be downloaded below.

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