Jobs at RCPCH and our working culture - careers

We believe that no matter what your role, there is always space to learn and develop. We're pleased to provide each member of staff support, training and funding. We are a small organisation with an outsized impact.

We're proud of our career pathways framework, our commitment to learning and development and our support of mentoring, coaching, shadowing and secondment opportunities. We support apprenticeships, progressive internships and other roles for those just starting their careers - and opportunities for those whose careers are already underway.

We offer a wide range of our career pathways across different teams, including: digital and data integration, membership development, legacies and fundraising; events management, education, training and professional development, information governance, exams administration; people services (HR), health policy, media and campaigns, finance, global child health, research, quality improvement and clinical audits, marketing, procurement, children and young people's engagement... One of our teams is based across the three devolved nations.

Subhaan became our HR and Organisational Apprentice shortly after he completed sixth form, and found that working for the College brought out his skills and confidence...

I came in with zero experience, and am now leaving the College with four-plusyears’ worth of experience working in a Human Resources function. I am very proud that my first job coming out of school was with the RCPCH; I am forever grateful to my managers, my team and the College for the opportunities they’ve provided me with.

I can say that it was a privilege to work under and learn from my manager within the People Services team. The College supported me to attain my apprenticeship qualification followed by my CIPD levels 3 and 5 and I am grateful for this. The training opportunities internally have also been great.

I will always be thankful that the College has invested in me and brought out a side to me that I didn’t know existed in terms of the skills, knowledge and confidence. I hope one day that I can maybe even come back to the College at some point in the future. For now, I am due to leave with nothing but gratitude. Thank you RCPCH.

Subhaan Ejaz, former People Services Assistant

Emma joined the College in December 2015 to head up our Children & Young People's Engagement team after working in local authorities, the Police and other charities, and loves working with, and learning from, staff, paediatricians and children and young people who are passionate about making a difference.

I joined the College in December 2015 coming from working in local authorities, the Police and other charities – so this was my first time working for a Medical Royal College and in paediatrics. I’ve got the brilliant role of working across the UK with children and young people aged 0-25 (our youngest volunteer over the last year was 4 years old!) to empower and support them to inform and influence the work of RCPCH. The team that I manage does this with the RCPCH &Us Network, where we create activities, games and fun workshops and projects for children and young people to think about how to improve child health, to work together on creating solutions that can make a difference then work with staff, doctors and others to make it happen.

I really enjoy working for the College, it’s a supportive place to work where everyone is passionate about making a difference to improve child health in the UK and across the world. I’ve learnt so much from all the paediatricians, clinicians and staff over the years about different medical conditions, health policy, advocacy and problem solving, as well as understanding much more from children and young people about their experiences, wishes, hopes and ideas to help improve services. The pandemic has brought us closer in many ways, even though we’ve had an extended period of working from home, we’ve had online social catch ups, been innovative in how we’ve been kept in touch with what is happening and I’ve also been able to work with children and young people on COVID-19, keeping them firmly at the centre of everything we do.

I really value that RCPCH is always learning and developing as an organisation, which has been great to be a part of. I’ve been involved in the staff Disability forum, the LGBT+ & Allies staff group and have had the chance to share ideas for the future development of RCPCH. I’ve also met people that will be friends for life which is an added bonus!

Emma Sparrow, Head of Children and Young People's Engagement

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