Jobs at RCPCH and our working culture - how we work

As an employer we're committed to looking forwards and being flexible. The working week is split between home and the London office - which is a newly refurbished, vibrant and collaborative space. And, we expect all staff to uphold our core values: lead, innovate, influence, include.
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With such a broad range of roles within the College, no two teams have the same daily routines. Life at the College is led by our mission and our values, with everyone, no matter their role, united in driving us towards a better future for child health.

No two days are ever the same - there's such a rich variety of topics to get to grips with. What we do at the College really matters to children and young people and the paediatricians that care for them.

From Robert Okunnu, Chief Executive Officer

We are a hybrid working organisation, committed to looking forwards and being flexible. Our College home is at Theobalds Road in central London, but we work both in the office and from home.

We have a 40/60 arrangement, working 40% from the office and 60% from home (for a full time employee, this means at least two days in the office). We've taken advantage of the period of universal remote working to really renovate the office, to build in hybrid, collaborative, and informal spaces. Our office is a hub for innovation, creativity and collaboration.

I came to RCPCH following a period of unemployment and being in a ‘difficult place’ due to burnout in my previous role. My confidence was shattered any my self esteem was really low. I need not have worried because as I often tell people, coming into RCPCH felt like being wrapped in a huge duvet.

My managers, colleagues and clinicians were able to see through this barrier of negativity and see the skills that I brought to the College. They supported me, nurtured me, encouraged my creativity and most of all made me feel a valued and respected member of the team. Through this support my confidence increased and my self esteem began to rise. My work began to be respected across the sector and commented on positively by the GMC. I am now very respected in the sector and feel I have contributed to raising the profile of RCPCH in curriculum design.

I had always had a plan to retire when I reached a certain age but working at the college makes me feel younger. I am now past that landmark age I set myself, but love the work I do and the people I work with. So hope to be around for a little while yet.

When I look back to those dark days, I am so grateful for RCPCH for being able to see what at the time I could not and for giving me back my ‘mojo’.

Yvonne Savage, Curriculum and Quality Manager (former)

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