Child poverty

There are an estimated 4 million children living in poverty in the UK – that’s 30 per cent of all children. Projections indicate that this number may rise to as much as 5 million by the end of the decade, yet national targets to reduce child poverty have been abolished.
Josephine Tucker, head of policy and research at Child Poverty Action Group, writes about how poverty can affect child health and what we as health professionals can do.
We asked children, young people and families to tell us what it is really like to live in poverty.
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‘We cannot expect to have a healthy future for the UK if we leave children behind. Poverty makes children sick.’ Together with Child Poverty Action Group, we asked child health professionals their views about poverty and the impact on child health.

Michael Egan, Money Advice Caseworker at Citizens Advice St. Helens, provides information on the range of practical support available for families living in poverty. 

The RCPCH is working with a range of organisations to put pressure on decision makers to reduce the number of children in poverty.
Our landmark State of Child Health report is the first snapshot of infant, children and young people’s health across the UK. Our report covers physical and mental health and some of the main determinants of health, showing where our children are doing well but also where we must improve and how we can achieve this.
The RCPCH are a member of the End Child Poverty Coalition. Find out more about the Coalition's work.

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