Child health inequalities - talking with families

Children living in poverty are more likely to experience poorer health outcomes, and paediatricians are in a unique position to advocate for lifelong change in their patients. In this podcast, three doctors talk about how to make such conversations with families approachable and meaningful.
RCPCH Podcasts - with illustration showing conversations between a family

Dr Helen Stewart, a consultant in paediatric emergency medicine and the College's Officer for Health Improvement, speaks with Dr Ian Sinha, consultant respiratory paediatrician and Dr Alice Lee, paediatric trainee and clinical innovation research fellow, both at at Alder Hey Children's Hospital. 

Ian and Alice are two of the authors of our health inequalities toolkit published in autumn. They talk about why paediatricians have a role in addressing health inequalities and provide advice on how to start conversations with patients and their families.

If we know that there are things that can impact on someone's life, we should be asking about them... Every time we say come back to clinic in six weeks, that's a big chunk of their time that they're not earning, that they're paying for parking, travel, childcare... So it's really important there's an open discussion about both: how their living circumstances might impact on their child's health and how their child's health might impact on their living circumstances.

Dr Ian Sinha

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