Children and Young People's Engagement Committee

The Children and Young People's Engagement Committee was established in 2016 to bring together children, young people, parents, carers and paediatricians to support the development of active participation and involvement of under 25s in RCPCH.

Who is on the committee?

There are 20 core roles on the committee:

  • 6 young people
  • 6 parent/carers
  • 6 paediatricians including the Assistant Registrar (chair)
  • 2 sector reps (charity, medical students)

We also have visitors at our meetings, including children, young people, parents/carers, paediatricians or other interested stakeholders. The committee is supported by the Children and Young People's Engagement Team at the College, and chaired by the Assistant Registrar. 

What are the priorities of the committee?

The 2016-19 work plan was focused on: 

  1. Improve understanding and awareness of engagement and voice
  2. Support RCPCH members to enable children and young people to be able to share their individual voice, views, comments and ideas
  3. Support involvement of children and young people in RCPCH's decision making

The committee did a huge amount of work over the first work plan, producing a number of new resources, increasing the reach of RCPCH &Us at the Annual Conference and supporting many RCPCH work programmes with their voice and insight. They have now set the next work plan priorities for 2021-23 which are: 

  1. Supporting services to involve children and young people in assessing and shaping services
  2. Develop an engagement ambassador programme
  3. Informing and shaping internal an external programmes of work through expert advice and guidance on engagement 

When does it meet?

The committee meets six times a year on a Saturday, with the meeting being delivered through a workshop format.

When we meet in person, this includes a community share lunch, where we order a range of food that people then can make their own sandwiches, talking and working together to create lunch for everyone, breaking down barriers and supporting people to get to know each other through a shared, community activity. When sessions are delivered virtually, it's bring your own lunch!

I feel far more empowered, valued through new way of engaging with governance at the RCPCH. I feel that it is far more impactful and we get more achieved. It's all about what gets done rather than what we just talk about! Results! Not just hot air!

Committee member