Claiming expenses on College business

Members and others can claim for expenses incurred on College business, including travel, accommodation and meals.

Our online expenses system launched in June 2023. This replaces a paper-based system, and should significantly improve how you claim expenses and reduce processing time. To claim expenses you'll first need to add your bank account details via your RCPCH online account. You can then use the web portal or mobile app on Continia to claim and track your expenses. Our detailed instructions explain more.

Policy on claiming expenses

Members and other individuals who are formally engaged in the delivery of College business can claim for expenses incurred on College business. This can include travel, accommodation and meals. (If you are eligible to claim expenses for RCPCH Conference, this only includes economy travel within the UK and excludes accommodation and meals.)

This does not extend to College events at which members or other individuals are acting as a delegate or candidate (examinations). It only applies in cases where individuals are helping to deliver College events.

Download the expenses policy below 

Register for your expenses account

First, you need to register for your expenses account. You'll need to log in to your RCPCH online account on this website (if you don't have an RCPCH account, it's easy to create one) and add details of your bank account, which can be in the UK or almost any other country.

You just need to do this once. But you can always come back to your RCPCH account to change your bank account details.

How to register for your expenses account

Activate your expenses account so you can claim and track expenses

Once you've registered for your expenses account, you'll get an email with the subject line, 'Welcome to Continia Expenses Management'. This has a link to set up your password and activate your expenses account.

The email also has links to both the Continia web portal and mobile app where you can log in to claim expenses, including mileage for car use. You can also track your open and submitted expense reports. We have instructions for both the web portal and app.

How to claim expenses on the web portal

How to claim expenses on the mobile app

Video guides coming soon

We hope our written guides on the above links are helpful. We're also developing some short 'how to' videos, which we'll publish on these web pages.

For queries and issues

If you need help or get stuck registering for your expenses account or using the expenses system (web portal or mobile app), complete our short query form. We'll get back to you as soon as we can! This is a new system, so we'll be happy to help. 

If you have questions about what expenses you can claim, or what information to put in the expenses report (for example, the Division and Department), contact the staff member or team who supports the relevant activity/ies. Not sure who to ask? Complete our general contact form.