Resigning membership

If you are considering resigning your membership, please contact our Member Services team. You may be eligible for a concession or alternative subscription rate.

Members who are permanently retired from all paid work are eligible for senior membership or fellowship at a reduced rate and may want to consider changing their membership type rather than cancel.

If you are retired

If you are permanently retired from all paid work but wish to continue your membership, you will qualify for a reduced Senior rate.

Apply for senior membership/fellowship

What happens if you resign

You will lose any right you may have had to use the designations MRCPCH or FRCPCH. Your membership certificate will no longer be valid.

If the College is monitoring your Higher Specialist Training (HST) or your continuing professional development (CPD), you can pay a fee to continue with these services.


If you have already paid your subscription in full for the whole calendar year, we will give you a refund. This is based on the refund policy agreed by Executive Committee.

Date of resignation Refund amount
January, February, March 75%
April, May, June 50%
July, August, September 25%
October, November, December None

How to resign

We require written correspondence by email to our Member Services team:

Trainees and any other members who subscribe to ePortfolio should also contact the Training Services team to cancel their subscription:

What happens if you decide to rejoin

If you have not passed the MRCPCH or MRCP(UK) Part II in Paediatrics examinations

You will need to reapply through RCPCH Council.

We cannot guarantee that you will be able to regain ordinary membership or fellowship.

If you wish to rejoin within a year of resignation

You may be subject to a rejoining fee. You will need to pay any outstanding subscription arrears you may have from the time of resignation as well as any fees which may have accrued since.

If you wish to rejoin after a year of resignation

You will need to reapply for membership in full. Once accepted, you will be issued with a new certificate which has the date you rejoined the College as your start date.