We’ve changed some of the ways we work since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, but don’t worry –our friendly team are here in Scotland to make sure you have a voice. We manage external relations with stakeholders and policymakers including the Scottish Government and organisations with an interest in child health. Explore resources, news and events, and read our FAQs page.
Our team works with paediatricians across Scotland, administers our committees and provides the Scottish Government with a push for policy change.
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If you're a member in Scotland, we invite you to contact your representatives about anything you want to discuss at a local or executive level.
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Our Scottish Child Protection Subcommittee informs the College on matters pertinent to child protection in Scotland.

Scotland news and opportunities

RCPCH Scotland team

We work closely with RCPCH members, Scottish Government, the Scottish Parliament and other stakeholders to transform child health in Scotland, with the aim of Scotland being one of the best places in the world to grow up. We also provide information and guidance specific to the needs of devolved health policy and support the work of the Scottish Executive Committee, the Scottish Child Protection Committee and the Scottish Paediatric Society. 

For all enquiries email us at We’re updating our phone and mail contacts and will update this page soon. You can use our main contact us page to find key teams at the College. 

Resources related to Scotland

Scottish Paediatric Society (SPS)

SPS is open to all doctors in paediatrics, with activities including paediatric research, CPD, events and networking along with opportunities for trainees to meet and present.