The Great Paediatric Bake Off – episode five!

Dr Ash Patel rises to the challenge of a seasonal sustainable bake with members of the College’s Climate Change Working Group, Dr Liz Marder and Dr Katy Rose.
The Great Paediatric Bake Off - episode five

Join in, for a special climate changed themed episode of the Great Paediatric Bake Off. How can you sustainably source ingredients whilst also being more environmentally friendly as you bake? These are some of the questions the College’s star baker Dr Ash Patel put to Dr Liz Marder and Dr Katy Rose, both members of the College’s Climate Change Working Group. They’ll be discussing all things climate change, from their working group at the College, to how you can commit to being more sustainable in your own departments. They share lots of ideas on how simple changes with everything you do, can make a big difference in being more environmentally friendly at home, and at work. Climate change is the biggest threat to health for the foreseeable future and it’s important that paediatricians set an example and lead the way in being more environmentally friendly. 

Dr Liz Marder collecting apples in her neighbour's garden
Liz collecting apples for her cake

Don’t forget to check out our resources and the work we’ve been doing on climate change to explore environmental sustainability in paediatrics. 

Think sustainably when you bake along and try their delicious crumbly apple cake.

Ingredients for a sustainable crumbly apple cake! 

2-3 apples ? (locally sourced)
225g self-raising flour
pinch of salt, ground cinnamon and ground nutmeg/ mixed spice
115g of butter, chopped into cubes - (dairy free)
115g light brown sugar
2-3 tablespoon of milk - (any type, dairy free)
1-2 tablespoon of demerara sugar - and/or nuts of choice

Enjoy your sustainable apple cake and don't forget to show us your pictures on Twitter and Instagram #TheGreatPaediatricBakeOff