Human Factors training to be rolled out for GMC investigators

The General Medial Council has announced that all their fitness to practise decision makers, case examiners and clinical experts are to receive Human Factors training, and advice on modifying investigation processes, as part of a collaboration agreed with Oxford University’s Patient Safety Academy.

Responding to the news, Professor Russell Viner, President of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health said:

“We’re pleased that Human Factors training will be rolled out for all GMC fitness to practice investigators. This principle is clearly embedded throughout our training curriculum for paediatricians. Today’s announcement indicates progress towards an approach to fitness to practice investigations that takes a holistic view of the doctor in question, their wider environment and the whole system in which they are working.

"We hope that this will provide assurance to doctors about the consistency of these investigations and the wide range of factors taken into account during the process.”