RECOVERY trial to begin enrolling children and infants

The national clinical trial to identify treatments that may be beneficial for patients diagnosed with COVID-19 will begin recruiting children and infants in May 2020.

Professor Nick Bishop, Vice President for Science and Research at RCPCH said:

Although most children infected by COVID-19 are only mildly ill, a minority do develop more severe problems. We are delighted that the RECOVERY trial that is assessing all the available treatments for COVID-19 in adults will be open to enrolling children and infants down to the day of birth from Monday,  11 May.

Enrolment of children in high quality research studies is of vital importance in order that they can receive safe and effective treatments; the RECOVERY study of multiple potential treatments is the largest of its kind in the world and will provide the strong evidence base that is needed to decide on the most effective interventions for those affected by COVID-19.