Shaping the future of paediatric care - introducing Paediatrics 2040

We have started work on our two-year project of enquiry, which will set a vision for the future of paediatrics in the UK.

Update, 24 February 2021 - The Paediatrics 2040 website is now live at

As mentioned in the President's blog a few months ago, the College recognises the challenges facing the delivery of paediatric care, and that we need to remain at the forefront of shaping this.

The Paediatrics 2040 project will set out a credible vision for the future of paediatrics - to ensure children and young people in the UK receive the best possible health care and support. 

To establish this vision, the project will focus on three lines of enquiry:

  • Understanding the impact of innovation on the delivery of care
  • Developing models of care that best serve the requirements of children and young people in 2040
  • Developing a vision of future workforce requirements, training needs and models of work which allow for paediatric care services to be effectively delivered

What happens next

We will seek members with an interest or expertise in the above areas to join one of the project's working groups. Look out for more information on this website later this month.

Throughout 2019 we will collect evidence and conduct engagement events to gather ideas and understand future challenges. We will keep members updated.