Thank you to Anthony Dunnett, Independent Trustee 2016 -2021

The Board of Trustees is very grateful to Anthony Dunnett for his very engaged and committed service to the College as an independent member of the Board of Trustees.

 Anthony stood down at the end of March 2021, having joined as an independent Trustee when the Board was first created at the end of 2016. He brought a valued range of experience and interests to support the work of the Board.

Anthony joined the Audit, Finance and Risk Committee and helped to develop its role together with the Treasurers in post, currently Dr Liz Marder. His approach to the importance of managing risk proactively and providing appropriately constructive challenge as well as support has been much appreciated.
Anthony was a committed and thoughtful contributor to our meetings and discussions, and good at being ready to raise questions on key issues. His own international experience helped him to bring informed insight to our consideration of the Colleges work outside the UK and our wider support to our members based around the world. 

We are sorry that he is moving on at the end of his term as a Trustee. We hope he will continue to stay engaged with the College in future. We thank Anthony for his generous commitment to his role as a Trustee and wish him well for the future.