Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees has overall scrutiny and oversight of the College’s activities, with a particular focus on assurance around risk, financial issues, and ensuring fulfilment of its charitable objects. Council and Executive Committee both report directly to the Board of Trustees.


Role Name
Chair Dame Mary Marsh
President Professor Russell Viner
Registrar Dr Mike Linney
Treasurer Dr Liz Marder
Beneficiary Trustee Ms Adrija Bhattacharyya
Member Trustee Dr Carol Roberts
Member Trustee Professor Sir Terence Stephenson
Member Trustee Dr Bhanu Williams
Member Trustee Dr John Williams
Independent Trustee Ms Gillian Budd
Independent Trustee Mr Anthony Dunnett
Independent Trustee Mr Adam Igra

Trustee news

We thank Mark Devlin, our outgoing Trustee - 13 October 2020

We welcome Terence Stephenson, our incoming Trustee - 30 April 2020

We thank John Jenkins, our outgoing Trustee - 22 April 2020

We welcome our new Global Officer and Trustee - 7 April 2020