Thank you to Mark Devlin, retiring Trustee

The Board of Trustees is very grateful to Mark Devlin for his engaged and committed service to the College as an independent member of the Board of Trustees.
Mark Devlin, RCPCH Trustee from 2016 to 2020

Mark stood down in early October 2020 having joined as a Trustee when the Board was first created at the end of 2016. He brought a wide range of experience and insight from his recent work for children both as CEO of Young Epilepsy and before that at UNICEF in the UK. His previous experience in management roles in the NHS was also valuable.

Mark helped the Board to sustain a robust interrogation of many issues including finance and risk. He was a thoughtful contributor to our meetings and discussions and good at being ready to challenge on key issues. He was very supportive of the development of the engagement of children and young people through the RCPCH &Us network. Young Epilepsy continues to contribute actively to this work and we look forward to staying in touch with Mark through this.

We are sorry that he is moving on. He was a regular and reliable attender at our meetings and College events. We thank him for his generous commitment to his role as a Trustee and wish him well in his continued work to improve the health of children and young people, particularly those with epilepsy.