Vice President election 2021 results announced

The RCPCH is pleased to announce the results of the recent Vice-Presidential elections. Dr Michael McKean has been elected by members as the next Vice President for Health Policy and Professor Paul Dimitri has been elected as Vice President for Science and Research. They will take up their posts in March 2022.

Dr Michael McKean is a consultant respiratory physician and clinical lead for the North East and North Cumbria Child Health and Wellbeing Network. Commenting on his election, he said:

I am honoured and privileged to be elected by members to take up this role. How children are represented in society, and how important they are to society, is something I feel really passionately about. Working with the RCPCH policy team, I hope to use my time as Vice President to strengthen the voice of children and young people.

Professor Paul Dimitri is a Professor of Child Health and Consultant in Paediatric Endocrinology at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust. Commenting on his election, he said:

It is an honour to be elected to the position of Vice President for Science and Research at the RCPCH. I am greatly looking forward to working with members of the college and other professional groups to shape the paediatric research agenda in the next few years. 

I am determined that children and young people are afforded greater national focus, and that research opportunities are accessible to all, as our college strives to support and deliver the best possible healthcare for children and young people. 

The incoming Vice Presidents will take over from Dr Simon Clark and Professor Nick Bishop, who have served the College for three years, working with members, staff and partners to develop activities and shape the new three-year strategy.

Dr Camilla Kingdon, President of RCPCH, said:

I am so thrilled to welcome Mike and Paul to the Senior Officer team.  We have some really exciting plans to take forwards in the New Year.  Paul will be leading our ambitious project to significantly develop our child health research work at the College as well as bringing his extensive experience of the medical technology and innovation world into our work.  

Mike will be integral to the launch and implementation of our Child Health Inequalities work, as well as using his wealth of experience working with systems across the North East, as the Integrated Care Systems become fully embedded nationally next year.  

I want to thank them and the other two candidates for standing for these roles.  Despite such difficult times, paediatrics is alive and flourishing!