We launch our new monthly podcast in education - The paeds round

RCPCH and Medisense have teamed up on a new podcast show. We'll highlight some of the most important issues in paediatrics, with practical clinical insights along the way.
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The paeds round is for all paediatricians - trainees, SAS doctors and consultants - other health professionals working with children and young people, and anyone with an interest in child health.

You can find and subscribe to The paeds round on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and other players, or by visiting the show's website. It's also featured on RCPCH Learning, which features a range of educational resources. 

Our regular hosts are Emma Lim, a consultant paediatrician from the Great North Children’s Hospital, and her colleague Christo Tsilifis, an academic paediatric trainee. The series is expertly produced by Medisense Medical Education's Jonny Guckian, a dermatology registrar based in Leeds, who will appear as himself in an upcoming episode on social media. All three have previously worked with the College on our RCPCH Podcasts series on sepsis and with KidzMed about teaching children to swallow tablet medicine.

Over the coming months, The paeds round will bring you discussions on herpes simplex virus, obesity, fever, group A strep and many other topics. As the series picks up listeners, we’ll feature a Q&A show answering questions from the audience.

We’ve been aiming to produce a regular show for some time now and are delighted that everything has come together.

Emma Lim, host of The paeds round

So, what's first? We wanted to start discussion on a really important subject: herpes simplex virus or HSV. This is a challenging condition in our specialty - both to recognise and to treat - and so we’ve dedicated three episodes to this issue. In the second and third episodes, coming next month, you'll hear from clinical experts, Dr Hermione Lyall, from Imperial College London and Dr Katy Fidler from the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton.

But, for the first episode we felt it was right to hear from a parent affected by this disease. Listen to this moving episode below or on your podcast player.

The paeds round is a sister show to RCPCH Podcasts, which features members and guests talking about a wide variety of topics, such as child health inequalities, doctors' wellbeing and paediatric training.