Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing continuation and future pricing consultation

In November 2023, we responded to the Scottish Government's consultation on Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP). MUP was implemented in Scotland in 2018 and the consultation sought to discern whether it ought to continue. Below is a short summary, with our full response available in the downloads section.
Lots of bottles of alcohol behind a bar

Our response

We welcomed the continuation of Minimum Unit Pricing measures in Scotland as we are supportive of measures that seek to reduce alcohol related harm for children and young people. Alcohol consumption can have serious effects on children and young people's physical and mental health.


Our recommendations

  • We recommended that MUP should continue and we acknowledged the Public Health Scotland evidence that shows its positive impact on Scotland's health.
  • We recommended that MUP ought to be part of a wider package of measures to reduce alcohol consumption and harm.
  • We acknowledged concerns from Public Health Scotland's evidence report that the increased price of alcohol may have led certain families to prioritise purchasing alcohol in the household budget. We encouraged the Scottish Government to support children living in poverty and to action all measures contained in the Child Poverty (Scotland) Act.

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