CPD Diary move - about and frequently asked questions

Your CPD Diary is moving! From late June, it will be in its new home in RCPCH ePortfolio on the Kaizen platform. You can continue using the current platform until late May, after which we'll close the system for 3-4 weeks to transfer all your data.
Last modified
7 March 2019

What's on this page?

Consultant paediatricians, SAS paediatricians and others working in paediatric non-training posts use the CPD Diary to record learning and development. This page covers the essential things to know about the move of your CPD data from the CPD Diary into the RCPCH ePortfolio.

As we get closer to the transfer date, we will continue to update this page with instructional videos and answers to your questions - so you can see how CPD records will look and work in the new home in RCPCH ePortfolio.

For now, the following provide essential answers to questions you might have about the CPD Diary move.

Why is CPD Diary moving into RCPCH ePortfolio?

We want to introduce new functionality based on evolving user needs and requirements that cannot be done on our current platform. Enhanced accessibility and usability on mobile and tablet will provide the user experience that you need.

Integration into RCPCH ePortfolio offers opportunities to continuously improve the CPD functionality. It means that RCPCH ePortfolio becomes a lifelong learning platform for paediatricians, from training and throughout a doctor’s working life.

When will the CPD Diary stop being available at its current web address?

09:00, Thursday 23 May 2019

What if I need to access my CPD for appraisal after 23 May 2019 and before end June 2019?

You will need to ensure that you have taken all reports you need from your CPD Diary for your appraisals, etc., such as CPD certificates, CPD activity book, before the site closes on 23 May. Access will not be made available again until end June 2019 in RCPCH ePortfolio. If you need access to data in an emergency, please contact us via cpd@rcpch.ac.uk.

We will make editable Microsoft Word versions of the CPD Activity and Reflective note forms available on this webpage for the downtime between 23 May and end June, so you can continue to capture your CPD activities. You can then upload these to RCPCH ePortfolio once it is live at end June 2019.

What happens to the CPD Diary web app and all my contents on that?

You will need to stop using the web app on your phone or mobile device before 23 May.

Before the CPD Diary closes for edits on 23 May, you must sync data from the web app on your device to the main (desktop version) CPD Diary as you normally do. Any unsynced data in the web app after then will not be transferred and may be lost.

Once you have synched your data and checked it in your desktop diary before late May, delete the web app from your device. Do not continue to use the web app on your mobile device after 23 May, as it will not work with the RCPCH ePortfolio CPD component.

You will be able to work offline in RCPCH ePortfolio - see below.

When will my CPD Diary information be available to see and update in RCPCH ePortfolio?

All your existing data from your CPD Diary desktop account will be available in the RCPCH ePortfolio on the day of launch in late June 2019.

What do I need to do before 23 May 2019 to get ready?

  • If you use the CPD Diary web app – ensure that your data is synced, and remove the web app from your mobile device.
  • Run reports, eg CPD certificate, CPD activity book that you need before 23 May for any appraisals or other meetings happening between 23 May and late June 2019.
  • Keep separate records of your CPD Diary entries between 23 May and late June 2019.

Will the RCPCH ePortfolio have a web app, or offline access?

No, it does not need an app.

RCPCH ePortfolio is already set up to be mobile responsive on your mobile device, including an offline capability when you do not have WiFi. You will simply need to select 'I trust this device' to turn on offline functionality and run a test. We will provide guidance here shortly.

I am a trainee and due to CCT and start using the CPD Diary, but as the site will migrate to ePortfolio, should I join the CPD Diary now or wait?

We recommend that you register for a CPD Diary account on the current system, if you will CCT between now and mid May 2019. This will allow us to ensure we set up your ePortfolio for access to CPD when the CPD functionality goes live end June 2019. Any data recorded in the CPD Diary will then be transferred across for you into your ePortfolio.

If I have questions, who can I speak to or email?

You can email cpd@rcpch.ac.uk