CPD scheme and guidance for paediatricians

Our CPD (continuing professional development) scheme is for paediatricians who are not in training. Find out more about it, and how and when to register on the the online CPD Diary.
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Last modified
2 April 2020

Update on COVID-19

We acknowledge the impact that COVID-19 will have on doctors’ abilities to attend courses and conferences, both in terms of their clinical priorities and the cancellation of many courses and events.

Our CPD scheme guidelines, which mirror GMC (General Medical Council) CPD requirements, do not require doctors to complete a set number of CPD credits/hours per year or in a five-year period. We have retained a recommendation for those doctors who wish to follow a credits approach, but it is a guideline, not a requirement. Therefore, doctors should not be concerned about being unable to attend courses, conferences, etc. over the coming months.

Our guidance already indicates that any shortfall in CPD due to extenuating circumstances in a year can be made up in subsequent years within a revalidation cycle. 

Doctors will continue to learn 'on the job' and reflect on their learning during these unprecedented times. The GMC has also updated its guidance relating to revalidation dates in the coming months for those doctors originally due to revalidate before end September 2020.

You can read more in our update on COVID-19 and education and professional development.

About the CPD scheme

Our CPD scheme provides a framework to assess your educational needs and to identify and plan appropriate learning activities on a continuous basis within the context of your Professional Development Plan.

The scheme is consistent with Academy of Medical Royal Colleges CPD guidance. It helps you ensure you are meeting GMC (General Medical Council) requirements for revalidation and CPD.

As a scheme participant, you have access to the RCPCH online CPD Diary. This provides a user friendly and intuitive way to maintain an up-to-date record of your CPD activities.

Participation in the RCPCH CPD scheme via the online CPD Diary is free to Associate, Ordinary (non-trainee) and Senior members and Fellows and Senior Fellows of the College. Others may purchase an annual subscription - see below.

Major elements of the scheme

  • A reduced focus on CPD credits - they are no longer a requirement, and set limits on CPD credits for key activities have been removed
  • Large emphasis on flexibility, balance and self-accreditation – any activity that you learn from can be recorded as CPD
  • Expectation that doctors should reflect on their learning, in line with GMC requirements
  • Simple CPD categories of non clinical and clinical (subdivided into internal, external and personal CPD)

The elements underpin RCPCH recognition of the value of learning from a range of different activities, whether formal courses or ad hoc activities of relevance to practice.

Much learning occurs outside formal courses and conferences. Doctors should be able to self-accredit this learning.

In addition, while acquisition of CPD credits provides a useful steer for many doctors, the important focus needs to be on what has been learnt and its effect on practice. Thus, collection of CPD credits is no longer required, but recommendations are made for those who prefer to continue recording them.

You can download our full scheme guidelines and at a glance document below.

For more detail, see our CPD scheme frequently asked questions.

Who should join the scheme

All non-training grade paediatricians should consider participation in a CPD scheme. 

Individuals may, however, choose to participate in the scheme of another Royal College or Faculty if they feel that this is more appropriate to their professional requirements. So that we can keep our records up-to-date, please inform us at cpd@rcpch.ac.uk where this is the case.

RCPCH Members and Fellows may wish to note that confirmation that they are participating in revalidation and CPD to the level required by the GMC is one of the criteria for being in Good Standing with the College.

How to join the scheme - as an RCPCH member

Eligible subscribing RCPCH members have automatic access to the CPD Diary in RCPCH ePortfolio. You can access the CPD Diary here or in Quick links at the top of this website - then log in with your RCPCH number and website password.

If you are eligible, but cannot access the CPD Diary in ePortfolio, email us at cpd@rcpch.ac.uk with your RCPCH number so we can check your account.

How to join the scheme - as a non-member of RCPCH

Doctors who are not RCPCH members can subscribe to the CPD Diary in ePortfolio. The annual fee is £205.

You will need to log in or register for an RCPCH account - then go to My account and follow the links to subscribe to CPD Diary. Once you have paid by credit card or debit card, you'll be able to access CPD Diary via your RCPCH account.

You'll also be able to renew each year.

Where can I find out more information about the CPD Diary in ePortfolio?

Go to our CPD Diary move page which contains useful FAQs and a user guide.