Fellowship is the pinnacle of RCPCH membership - it recognises practitioners who have competed their specialist training and celebrates their contribution to paediatrics and child health.

If you are working in a substantive, non-training post, you can apply for Fellowship:

  • via registration - if you are on the General Medical Council (GMC) or Irish Medical Council (IMC) Specialist Registers for Paediatrics
  • via election - if you are not on the GMC or IMC specialist register in paediatrics but have achieved distinction, such as several first-named articles in international peer reviewed journals or national service development leadership roles.

MRCPCH and DCH Examiners, Senior Examiners and Hosts - portal

This page is a resource for MRCPCH & DCH Clinical Hosts, Examiners and Senior Examiners. From this page you will be able to access the specific documents and resources relevant to each of these roles. Please scroll down to the relevant section. Note: As the below links are restricted to current ...