Knowledge exchange sessions with GPs - Tameside Hospital

This page provides a best practice example for standard 4 of Facing the Future: Together for child health standards, which outlines education sessions at local GP (General Practitioner) surgeries provided by consultants and nurses from Tameside Hospital. GPs and practice nurses become more skilled and confident at managing children in primary care, reducing referrals and enhancing patient experience.

Standard 4: Each acute general children's service provides, as a minimum, six-monthly education and knowledge exchange sessions with GPs and other healthcare professionals who work with children with unscheduled care needs. 


  • Five local neighbourhoods have been identified. Each is affiliated with two acute paediatric consultants and two community nurses.
  • Once a month, the link consultant and link nurse visit one of their neighbourhood GP surgeries to provide bespoke educational sessions with GPs and practice nurses. Sessions last between one and two hours.
  • The session topics are based on cases referred to clinic by that practice, using data captured in the Trust's Electronic Advice and Guidance System. GPs and practice nurses can ask any questions they may have about paediatric care.
  • Each GP surgery in the neighbourhood is visited at least twice per year.
  • Clinical governance is maintained by GPs with support of paediatricians writing summary letters.
  • This initiative is part of the Integrated Care for Children programme, working to integrate services for children in Tameside (Greater Manchester) and Glossop (Derbyshire).

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