Rapid access service - Hillingdon Hospital

This page provides a best practice example for standard 2 of Facing the Future: Together for child health standards, which outlines the hot clinic provided in Hillingdon Hospital. The hot clinic prevents children from attending A&E unnecessarily by providing rapid access to a consultant for any child that is failing to thrive or any acute conditions that have not shown any improvement.

Standard 2: Each acute general children's service provides a consultant paediatrician-led, rapid-access service so that any child referred for this service can be seen within 24 hours of the referral being made.


  • Hillingdon Hospital's hot clinic is located in the paediatric assessment unit (PAU).
  • The clinic is held during off-peak hours, from Monday to Friday (9:30-10:30). There are three appointments, each lasting 20 minutes.
  • The clinic is included within the acute consultant's job plan, who monitors children referred into the clinic.
  • GPs and other health professionals make referrals by telephone

Contact for further information

Hillingdon Hospital NHS Trust

Dr Jaikumar Ganapathi, Consultant Paediatrician and Clinical Lead - jaikumar.ganapathi@nhs.net