Worried and waiting: A review of paediatric waiting times in Wales 2024

This bilingual report, published February 2024, provides an analysis of ‘paediatric pathway’ waiting times data in Wales from 2016-2023, with a spotlight on the last year. The report contains recommendations for the Welsh Government, Health Boards and Health Education and Improvement Wales, which if fulfilled, will support the child health workforce to provide safe, timely and effective care.

The recommendations factor on four core themes: expanding and investing in child health workforce, improving data quality and transparency, reducing health inequalities and ensuring age-appropriate care.

This report sets out the huge demands on paediatric services in Wales. While there has been some positive progress near the end of 2023, current demands and pressures on services are unsustainable. We have set out a series of recommendations to not only address current demand but also to reduce future demands.

Dr Nick Wilkinson, Officer for Wales

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