Stepping up - transition from trainee to new consultant paediatrician

How do we support the transition of of senior trainees stepping up into new consultant roles? Our Stepping Up programme supports the five year period from RCPCH START (Specialty Trainee 7+) to the end of year three consultancy - through a a regional network of doctors, meetings and learning resources.
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9 January 2024

About Stepping Up

Trainees are supported throughout the training programme to develop skills for transitioning to a consultant role. But, the reality of working as a consultant is vastly different to working as a supported senior trainee. There are pressures on services and reduced SPA (supporting professional activity) time and study leave funding. Our CCT and CESR cohort studies highlighted a a demand for support in this transition phase to new consultant.

As a regional network for senior trainees (post-RCPCH START ST7s and up) and new consultants (up to three years into consultancy), Stepping Up can help prepare senior trainees for this transition. It can also support new consultants working in an increasingly challenging working environment, improving morale and encouraging entrants to paediatrics longer term.

Following a successful pilot in 2017-19, we expanded the Stepping Up network across the UK.

What does a Stepping Up Champion do?

  • Engages with all ST7 and 8 paediatric trainees and new consultants who are up to three years post CCT/CESR/CESR in their region via email/ebulletin
  • Facilitates (set up, publicise and support) two to three network meetings per year for this group, focusing on meeting topics suggested by this group of doctors
  • Ensures the needs of both clinical and academic paediatricians are catered for in meetings
  • Sources external speakers for meetings as required
  • Liaises with local Head of School, Training Programme Directors and Regional Leads to ensure promotion of and support for network meetings
  • Liaises with RCPCH Mentoring Champions to encourage development of local mentoring pairs and facilitate informal buddying
  • Keeps the national Stepping Up steering group and RCPCH staff informed of progress
  • Helps evaluate the meetings in their region in liaison with the RCPCH team
  • Ensures the sustainabilty of the network

If you're a current Champion, log in and access resources.

Champions by region

We've listed below the Stepping Up Champions by region, with their contact emails.

Region Champion(s) Email
East of England Dr Peter Bale and Dr Lynn Sinitsky
East Midlands Dr Matt Hurley
Kent, Surrey and Sussex Dr Julia Fozard
London Dr Emma Parish and Dr Claire Head
Mersey Dr Sally Ogden
North East England Dr Albert Lim
North West England Dr Merijam Kikic
Scotland Dr Katie Prentice
South West England Dr Amiel Billetop and Dr Milly Sen
Thames Valley Dr Jean Yong
Wales Dr Ankita Jain
Wessex Dr Heather Deall and Dr Clare Hollingsworth
West Midlands Dr Amy Walker
Yorkshire and Humber Dr Sobia Bilal


Each region has access to a total budget for the academic year of £450. This can be used for speaker honoraria/thank you gifts or provision of refreshments if no speaker is required.

Travel and subsistence costs for trainees/new consultants cannot be covered by this budget. Room hire should be negotiated free of charge by using local Trust or HEE/Deanery rooms.


Each delegate attending Stepping Up events will be asked to complete an evaluation form collated centrally via an online survey tool.

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